My Life.

Hi I'm Tina Moore! Senior Class of 2015šŸŽ“ Varsity Cheer CaptainšŸŽ€ Student Council PresidentāœŒ

Senior Year

I am going into senior year and im nervous and scared. I have cheer to keep me going thank god. I also have my boyfriend. Im just afraid that it wont be what you expect. Im going to try to do a lot this year to make memories. Even though i only have one best friend and my boyfriend. Wish me luck.

One day

One day I’ll run away and see if you care.
One day I’ll forget about this hourĀ  and this family and start a new live.
One day you will hear me and then care.
One day I’ll have everything I need.
One day you will realize how much you hurt me.
One day you will find out how wrong you were.
One day…

Well now I feel like a little kid. :/

Today was my first day back to school. I am going to be a junior, andĀ  I got to be a freshmen mentor. I thought it went well, but once I got home and went on the Internet and read posts about people already being bullied and it just brought tears to my eyes to think that no one has anything better to do then to mess with kids on the first day? That’s sad.

Just keep your head held high and show the bullies they can’t stop you of being you. Once they see that your still happy they lose the fun. They are just hating on your beauty. So stay strong followers. We can get through this together. :)

Ask me any questions.

I always mess up my life. :( right now if I were to die, no one would even notice I’m gone. No one would care. No one would cry.

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